The first edition was held 28-31 July 2011. It worked.

517 participants, including 46 co-creators, and 109 volunteers

42 musicians

55 speakers

7 living well teachers

8 facilitators

3 organic/local meals / day

270 beds

1 lake

1000s hectares of forest

1 sauna

The event was created and directed by John Manoochehri of Resource Vision, sustainable architecture and design studio, with co-direction from Blaine O’Neill. The event was co-created with Nina Jensen / CO2PENHAGEN, Johan Rutherhagen & Kalle Bäccman / No More Lullabies, Karlstads Kommun and Ängsbacka Kursgård. Ängsbacka Kursgård was the site and catering partner.

Finance was supplied by Karlstads Kommun, the US Embassy, Resource Vision, No More Lullabies, Region Värmland, and the Embassies of Denmark and Norway. Sponsorship was supplied by Edita, Saltå Kvarn, & Löfbergs Lila.

Media partners were RUM Magazine, Camino Magazine, and Futerra Sustainability Communications. Project partners included Sustainergies, Heroes of Today, and BioRegional / One Planet Living.


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