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Ö Festival and FuturePerfect is not seeking conventional corporate sponsorship – instead we are looking for long-term partners and collaborators.

At this time, we are particularly seeking Support Sponsors, to support specific costs of the event between 10K SEK and 150,000K SEK, to help the event reach the highest potential, and the project to grow. We welcome the following key contributions:

MARKETING & PR –  In-kind support from companies/individuals, and/or financial support to the value of 100K SEK

SPEAKERS –  All speakers are contributing for free or only a notional honorarium. Costs for international speakers are on average 10K SEK, with a total cost of 50,000 SEK. Additional speakers have an average cost of 4000 SEK, with a total cost of 140,000 SEK. (NB If you have frequent flier miles to spare, we can use these too! )

MUSIC –  All music is contributed for free, or a greatly reduced cost. The bands we seek cost between 10,000 and 100,000 SEK each. 

STAGING – We have budgeted 150,000 SEK staging costs.

SEMINAR TENTS – 7500 SEK per tent, including flooring,  total cost of 75,000 SEK.

MAIN TENTS – 30,000 SEK per tent,  total cost of 60,000 SEK.

FOOD – Food costs are budgeted at 120,000 SEK.

SITE DECORATION – Site decoration costs are budgeted at 15,000 SEK.

SECURITY & MEDICAL – Security and medical costs are budgeted at 20,000 SEK.

More detailed information on what you can offer, how this might benefit you and others, can be found on the Support Sponsor Concept document here. Support is particularly welcome from those who wish to help build up the FuturePerfect concept as an ongoing platform for conversation and engagement. For inputs that go beyond financial support, please see the Partner page.

Please make donations in the ticket system under ‘Open Donation’ – donations above 3000 SEK will include one free ticket. If you prefer to send a donation directly, please use the following bank information. For more information please contact


FuturePerfect Idéell Förening / Charity Association

Organisationsnummer 802467-1524 (FuturePerfect Förening)

Address Birger Jarlsgatan 18A, 11434 Stockholm, Sweden 

Bankgiro 340-0447
SEB Account 5202-10 284 45
IBAN SE6750000000052021028445


FuturePerfect Ekonomisk Förening /Economic Association

Organisationsnummer 769624-9585 (FP Sustainable Living Ekonomisk Förening)

Address Birger Jarlsgatan 18A, 11434 Stockholm, Sweden 

Bankgiro 876-3260
SEB Account 5206 10 780 60
IBAN SE6950000000052061078060