YÉNIKA CASTILLO | personal wellbeing, relating

YÉNIKA CASTILLO | personal wellbeing, relating

Play, your inner health!

Have you ever wondered why children are so happy? Free to tell the truth, authentic, showing their emotions, and collaborative. It is not until we grow up and start to get preassures from society and media, and acquire expectations on how we’re supposed to look, dress, think and be, that we start being uneasy with ourselves.

In this session, we, as adults, are going to undust our playing skills and have fun! We are going to call back our inherent innocence, amazement, natural sociabilization qualities and laughter in order to get back our emotional health. This will come naturally through human contact, active playful interaction and feeling before thinking. We play for the pleasure of playing, not for being better than others or to win a prize.

The more we play, the more we are able to face tough situations in life. The more we laugh, the more healthy our body gets, play and laughter trigger the production of benefic substances in our brain (endorphines), which give us positive thoughts and clarity to face everyday problems. This leads us to have a better self-image and therefore healthier relationships. Play, laughter and humor shorten the distance between individuals, therefore having a good control in our (good) humor helps building better societies.

The worksho is a space free of prejudices for those who want to make a difference in their environment, want to connect to deep emotions and constructive thinking, and want to get back to our basic human condition. 

Yénika Castillo

Yénika Castillo is Co-founder and National counselor of Risaterapia, A.C. (non profit organisation) in Mexico. In 1999, along with Andrés Aguilar (founder) and other 12 persons, she began the activity of clowning in hospitals, elderly homes and high traffic urban areas in Mexico city. Today, 13 years later, the association has around 600 volunteers in 23 cities of Mexico, has inspired organizations and groups in Latin America, and has extended their activities to communities in poverty and disaster zones, as well as special workshops for companies that are looking for a better laboral environment.

Yenika has been clown at hospitals, elderly homes and urban interventions. She has been facilitator for new volunteers in 8 cities and for companies workshops, regional coordinator and national coordinator of volunteers, where she has been following and supporting volunteers’ activities and national events. She has been part of the education board that has developed the training programs for volunteers and facilitators. She has given conferences in the fields of creativity, empathy and joyful cooperation in different universities of Mexico, and today she is part of the National council that lead the strategic planning of the organization. By the way, from the beginning she is a designer and has focused her design work mainly in children’s culture and creativity and educational issues.

NB By participating in this workshop, you support the action of Risaterapia’s volunteers in mexican hospitals.


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