STEPHEN HINTON | enterprise, cities

STEPHEN HINTON | enterprise, cities

Stephen is co-founder of the county of Sörmland’s first ecovillage, aimed at realizing sustainable living according to the guidelines laid out by systems ecologist Folke Günther. He is also one of the original group that started Transition Sweden.
During 2012, Stephen has managed applications for the Water and Food Award, based in Denmark, The Award is for the most sustainable, innovative water and food security on the planet. Says Stephen: “The Award on August the 29th will most likely not go to any tired old corporation but to a group of people heroically getting on with the task of dealing with the challenges of climate change, land degradation and poverty”. Stephen has a background in management training and nearly a decade at Ericsson working with project management. After leaving Ericsson, researching for his book “Inventing for the Sustainable Planet”, Stephen realised that most of the way we do things are running counter-sustainably.
He puts it this way: ” I saw it was time to get real, get adult, and do something”


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