SRISKANDARAJAH NADARAJAH | communications, education

SRISKANDARAJAH NADARAJAH | communications, education

Nadarajah Sriskandarajah (Sri) is a Professor of Environmental Communication at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU) in Uppsala. With beginnings in agriculture and rural development, Sri has held university positions in Sri Lanka, Australia, Papua New Guinea and Denmark and worked on projects in a number of countries in Asia, Africa, Latin-America and Europe.

Sri’s present work under the rubric of ‘environmental communication’ has taken him and his colleagues in Uppsala towards reimagining sustainability as a visionary political process: not only personal and practical, but also creating the shared understanding about how we in society construct the future and define certain things as ‘problematic’ in our natural environment; and, how indeed we can create and support ‘learning spaces’ for practicing democratic dialogue and negotiating appropriate responses to these environmental problems by the concerned people with a sense of shared responsibility.

His SLU team offers a Masters Degree program in this new field of Environmental Communication. In their research, they are engaged with society doing all the above, with farmers, landowners, professionals and many kinds of interest groups, not merely as ‘stakeholders’ but, more importantly, as citizens – here in Sweden and in other places abroad. They cover themes ranging from food and forestry to water and wild life management.

They will be hosting the first International Conference on Environmental Communication in Uppsala next June.


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