SHAWN WESTCOTT | enterprise, systems

SHAWN WESTCOTT | enterprise, systems

Shawn Westcott is founder of Westcott Initiatives and chairman of the Social Entrepreneurship Forum Sweden.Shawn is a social entrepreneur and sustainability catalyzer. As founder of Westcott Initiatives, he works with clients across sectors to accelerate and scale-up sustainability-related initiatives by providing inspiration, support, and connections. He also serves as the Chairman of Sweden’s Social Entrepreneurship Forum, a NGO working to promote social entrepreneurship.

He recently oversaw the development of SE Forum’s new “SE Outreach Accelerator” program, which supports early-stage social entrepreneurs to scale their impact in emerging markets. He previously worked as a consultant with the international sustainability consultancy, the AtKisson Group, and spent 7 years as a US political adviser, strategist and sustainable community development consultant.

While in university, he helped launch a national NGO, LIFT, with the mission to combat poverty and expand opportunity for people in the US. He is a veteran of the US Marine Corps, and he holds a MSc in Strategic Leadership toward Sustainability from Blekinge Institute of Technology and a BA in Political Science from the University of Pittsburgh. Shawn is a frequent lecturer to universities, colleges, and professional groups. He is a citizen of both the United States and Ireland, and lives with his wife in Stockholm, Sweden.


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