SAM GILL | enterprise, industry

SAM GILL | enterprise, industry

Sam is a dynamic environmental entrepreneur, devoting his time and energy to pragmatic solutions that tackle the climate crisis. Sam joined the Environmental Investment Organisation (EIO) in 2009 and has been the driving force behind the development and launch of the Environmental Tracking (ET) concept.

The ET Carbon Rankings list the world’s largest 1,300 companies according to their carbon emissions and levels of transparency. The ET Index Series is designed to provide the investment community with a market mechanism capable of harnessing the power of the financial system to incentivise corporate emissions reductions through share price pressure.

The EIO is a UK based non-profit research body, focused solely on advancing practical and marketable solutions to address the impending climate crisis.

Prior to joining the EIO Sam worked for Google at their EU Headquarters in Dublin, and subsequently instigated the Envirobike Project, designed to increase the number of bike sharing schemes and reduce transport emissions. Sam graduated from the University of London Institute in Paris with a first class degree in French Language, History and Culture. He has recently published Environmental Tracking 3.0 which explains the logic behind the EIO’s work in a straight forward and accessible manner.


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