Resource Vision

Resource Vision

Resource Vision is a specialist architectural design company which uses rigorous analysis and quantitative measures together with conventional architectural and urban design strategies, to propose high levels of environmental sustainability within quality, modern living and working contexts.

John Manoochehri has been active in Sweden for five years, as an independent architecture consultant, university teacher, lecturer and researcher and Resource Vision is the trading name of the enskild firma established in 2009 to grow on the base of strong relationships and results achieved.

In the past five years, John Manoochehri has worked with – lectured at, consulted for, collaborated with – many of the top offices in the Nordic region, for the last three years been at staff teacher and course/studio leader at KTH Architecture, Stockholm, and Resource Vision in the last 2 years has contracted around 40 consultants and associates.

Most recently, John Manoochehri lectured at Yale University on his work, and the linkage between architecture and environmental science; and attended the TED Conference in Long Beach sponsored by Laurene Jobs and her social development organisation, The Emerson Collective, to discuss how technology, sustainability, architecture and lifestyle can be combined in synergy.

Resource Vision’s special area of focus is the link between architecture/urbanism and sustainable lifestyle, and the achievement of this through specific, measurable alterations in the configuration of space and provision of material goods. Specifically: a shift to service-based lifestyles (away from product-based lifestyles) is a strong contribution to sustainable living, within a paradigm of quality modern living, e.g. car-sharing, cycle-sharing, including mobile phone apps and business models to support these.


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