PER OLSSON | enterprise, science

PER OLSSON | enterprise, science

Per Olssons primary research interest is in linked social-ecological system dynamics and resilience. This includes identifying social factors, knowledge, and organizations for ecosystem management and focuses on dynamic interaction among key individuals, social networks, organizations and institutions.

He is a well known lecturer and researcher, participating in projects and events in different parts of the world and several years of field work in bothBelize and Australia. He holds a PhD in natural resource management from Stockholm University and is currently working as Associate Professor at the Stockholm Resilience Center.

Per is the co-author of a number of chapters for books including the Millennium Ecosystems Assessment and his writings have also been published in several scientific journals. While being an active member of the Resilience Alliance, Per also works as the coordinator at the UNESCO program Man and the Biosphere, where he facilitates initiatives for sustainable regional development in Sweden.


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