MICHAEL LOMMERTZ | cities, architecture

MICHAEL LOMMERTZ | cities, architecture

Michael Lommertz, born in Germany, is an architect, educated at the University of Kassel and University of Manchester. In Germany, he has worked with the rehabilitation of old industrial buildings from a sustainable perspective. He also has experience in process management in the restructuring of districts that have been characterized by depopulation in former East Germany. The past ten years Michael Lommertz has worked in Norway, first in an architectural office in Tromsø, which included design of everything from houses to commercial buildings and since 2010 as project manager in charge of the Ecobox pilot project initiative ‘Framtidens Bygg’ (Future Build).

Since 2012 he is manager of NAL | Ecobox. Ecobox currently works with a variety of development projects including Future Cities, Future villages, Bread & Environment (Brød & Miljø), and a number of other projects in sustainable architecture and local development. The department currently comprises of six staff members.


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