MARIA LÖFGREN | personal well-being

MARIA LÖFGREN | personal well-being

Maria Löfgren has always been attracted to nature and health. In earlier years she experienced a period of depression, but refused to medicate with the usual drugs offered. Maria was convinced to find another way. She managed, and finally walked away from her depression with a new motto: you are your life.

Maria is now educated in personal development as well as therapeutic educations in Sweden, Denmark and India. After having experienced Kinesiology she decided to educate herself in the field and since 2004 this has been her occupation. With her own practice in Stockholm, she offers sessions in balancing- structural, biochemical, mental and spiritual health with different techniques. Kinesiology lets the body communicate what treatments will be best for a specific person’s individual health. The treatment is for releasing stress, angst and traumas and changing unhealthy believes from the sub consciousness, correcting structural problems, balancing of chakras, meridians and much more.


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