MAJA BRISVALL | enterprise, education

MAJA BRISVALL | enterprise, education

Maja Brisvall is an entrepreneur and a management consultant, working with entrepreneurship, social entrepreneurship and sustainability. She has spent most of her career founding and running technology and business intelligence companies in San Francisco, London and Stockholm. During the past years she has worked with the Baltic Sea Region building new networks of collaboration between startups and businesses between Stockholm, Talllinn, Riga, Vilnius, Helsinki och Berlin. Maja is the co-author of the book “Make money – and change the world”

Maja is also project manager at Shift, which works with mentoring programs for businesses working on progressive systemic change in clean tech and digital business. They coach entrepreneurs in developing their business, presenting their companies, networking, and engaging in a framework around resilience thinking and social-ecological innovations.

Maja is also founder of Happy sea, a network for NGOs, businesses, academics and governmental institutions engaged in social ecological innovations related to the oceans; chairman of forum hållbar framtid that are working for sustainable futures; and CEO of Islanders strategy consultants that help clients with strategy, business and service development in the telecommunications, Internet and financial services sectors.


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