MAGNUS ÅKERLIND | communications, youth

MAGNUS ÅKERLIND | communications, youth

In 2010, Magnus Åkerlind founded Heroes of Today together with Sophy Elevall. A primary mission of the project was promotion and spreading of HOME, a film dealing with environmental challenges and issues of sustainability from different aspects and viewpoints. Heroes of Today also resulted in a magazine and a database of inspiration, full of great examples of people who turn ideas into action and who find creative ways to create positive change to the environment around them.

Magnus has a background in media, with studies in both film and multi-media. He has also founded and run his own production firm, with several big corporations as costumers. However, besides his family, it is the ocean – like swimming with dolphins and whales – that Magnus turns to for the real kicks in life. From September 1, Magnus will also be employed as an event manager at with the goal of creating a national sustainability tour for high school students.



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