Emil Svanängen is the name behind the fabulous indie-pop artist Loney Dear. Emil self-released his first album, The Year of River Fontana, in 2003. Recorded in the basement of his parents’ home in Jönköping with a minidisk microphone and a home computer, released on home-made CD-Rs, and sold only through his website and at live performances. The album became popular solely on word-of-mouth. The next two years saw Svanängen record and release three more albums.

In 2006, Loney Dear was signed by US record label Sub Pop.  Sub Pop released Loney Dear’s fourth album, Loney, Noir, on February 6, 2007.

Loney Dear’s latest album, “Hall Music” is described to as dividing bridges, “a link between two sides that doesn’t allow full access two either . Instead, drawing from both of the emotional states it joins together, Hall Music creates its own unique expanse – one you’ll surely want to re-visit again and again.”


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