LISA LÖNNER-PULKKINEN | food, communications

LISA LÖNNER-PULKKINEN | food, communications

Having worked both as Strategic Director at PS Communication and head of PR for MTV Networks Nordic, running initiatives and projects such as the Stockholm Music Week and participating in numerous tv-shows and debates, Lisa Lönner-Pulkkinen has a broad experience in PR and media. She is also the creator of Storstadsbarometen, a tool for mapping of urban trends in areas as varied as food and health to politics and media consumption. Her great creativity and passion for food and health has also resulted in her award-winning blog and catering business Husmor Lisa.

Lisa is now based on theislandofResarö, close to Vaxholm in theStockholmarchipelago. Through her home-made products, great cooking and catering, inspirational recepies and lecturing, Husmor Lisa is spreading both knowledge and love for conscious, local and seasonal cooking. Letting products speak for themselves and processes take their time are important guidelines in Lisa’s kitchen and as she is one of the Ö Festival chefs, everyone who joins FuturePerfect in Vaxholm this August will be able to taste the fantastic results!


Twitter| @husmorlisa