KICKI THEANDER | enterprise, food

KICKI THEANDER | enterprise, food

Kicki Theander is the founder of Middagsfrid (in English this translates to Dinner Peace). The company offers home delivery of smartly-planned grocery bags with the recipes and ingredients you need to make for example five dinners for four people. Starting up business in October 2007 without any formal experience of the food industry, she has created a whole new line of business that now is growing rapidly in Sweden and steadily in other countries. Middagsfrid has kept their place in the market as a high-end supplier of foods, always focusing on quality.

Kicki takes an active role in the food debate and is involved in food quality issues such as animal breeding, the use of additives in processed foods and the use of pesticides, as well as environmental concerns (a Middagsfrid customer has a 55% lower carbon footprint from dinner habits). Kicki has won several prestigious entrepreneurship awards in Sweden, for example Service Developer of the Year 2009 and Entrepreneur of the Year in 2010. She is also a public speaker with Entrepreneurship and Food quality as her favorite topics.



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