JOSHUA FOSS | design, cities

JOSHUA FOSS | design, cities

Joshua Foss is a dynamic practitioner and ambassador for transformational design, having worked with some of the most innovative projects, developments and guiding philosophies on the planet. Foss, a LEED Accredited Professional, runs Thrive Design Studio, an international design and strategy consulting firm working at the leading edge of applied sustainability. He is currently hubbed in Sweden where in addition to his work with Thrive he is an associate to Beyond Green, the UK’s premier sustainable design consultancy and development firm. This London-based team of strategists, policymakers, planners, designers, and communications experts are driven to develop large scale urban projects that partner high qualities of living with low environmental impacts. Furthermore, Foss is an ambassador for the Living Building Challenge, the world’s most ambitious building certification standard.

In addition to his work within the built environment, Joshua is adjunct faculty at Minneapolis College of Art and Design where he leads an Introduction to Sustainable Design course for the Master of Arts in Sustainable Design program. This groundbreaking 100% online curriculum features theory, practice, leadership, biomimicry, whole systems, and regenerative design as approaches to the tackle society’s pressing challenges. Foss carries a master’s degree of his own in Strategic Leadership Towards Sustainability from the Blekinge Institute of Technology in Karlskrona, Sweden. And as an outlet to share worldchanging ideas with the masses, Joshua started the design and lifestyle journal Metro Hippie back in 2007. It has gained international attention by highlighting exciting projects, products and ideas in a very personal and colorful way. Lastly, Joshua is a familiar face within various media outlets. He appeared on the second season of HGTV’s Design Star and has led over 120 seminars at various trade shows, universities, conferences and summits throughout the world.


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