JOSH RYAN COLLINS | economics, systems

JOSH RYAN COLLINS | economics, systems

Josh Ryan-Collins is a Senior Researcher at nef (the new economics foundation), a leading UK think tank campaigning for ecological sustainability, social justice and well-being. He leads a program of work on monetary reform examining alternatives to privatized money creation by the banks. These reforms include greater public control and accountability at the national level, but also more decentralised approaches, including currencies and payment systems set up independently of the state, at regional, local or community scales.

Josh has hands on experience of community currencies, having co-founded the Brixton Pound (B£), the UK’s first urban local currency based in inner-city south London. The currency supports over 200 local independent businesses with B£30,000 in circulation. Josh has also co-developed a mobile- and internet-payment platform, Community Currency 2.0, aimed at scaling up community currencies together with QOIN, of which he is a fellow, and the UK Transition Network.

Josh is the lead author of nef’s book Where Does Money Come From? which sets out how the UK monetary and banking system works for the first time and has been adopted by a number of University economics departments. He is also the co-author of nef’s The Great Transition, a blueprint for transforming the UK economy to meet the challenges of inequality, financial instability and ecological crisis.


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