JOAKIM JARDENBERG | media, technology

JOAKIM JARDENBERG | media, technology

Media Therapist, CEO Whisperer, Bussines Angel, coach or simply Jocke – Joakim Jardenberg goes by many names and titles. Knowing about his work as senior advisor in all things Internet and media, investor in early stage tech startups, lecturer, speaker, moderator and award-winning blogger it is easy to understand how one single, suitable title might be hard to find.

Joakim is the founder and CEO of Mindpark AB, a web developing agency with the purpose of defining and implementing projects and business opportunities in new/digital media. With the Swedish morning newspaper industry as its main beneficiary, Mindpark AB is working to secure the newspaper industry’s forth living and economic survival, by making the traditional digital.

The love for the Internet, the freedom of expression and belief in the great potentials of the online world in democratization shines through in Joakim’s work. He dedicates a lot of his time to engage in projects where he believes his knowledge can make a difference in these issues. This has given him valuable experiences from widely different contexts and brought him to both the Middle East and northern Africa.





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