JEM BENDELL | enterprise, finance

JEM BENDELL | enterprise, finance

A catalyst of collaboration for sustainability, with 16 years working with business, the UN and civil society on breakthrough corporate social responsibility (CSR) projects.

Professor Bendell has been recognised by as one of the 2012 Young Global Leaders by the World Economic Forum, famous for its Davos summit of world leaders.

In 1996 he helped conceive for WWF the organisational concept for the Marine Stewardship Council, which now covers over 6% of the world’s wild catch under its sustainable fishery certification system. Through the first book on strategic cross-sector partnering in 1997, he helped inspire the then head of the UN Secretary General’s office to launch what is now the largest CSR initiative in the world, the UN Global Compact. In 2007 at WWF he co-conceived the Finance Innovation Lab, a multi-stakeholder platform on sustainable finance.

Dr Bendell has been recognized in both the Financial Times and International Herald Tribune as sparking greater engagement with sustainability by the luxury industry, through the ground-breaking WWF report in 2007, called Deeper Luxury.

Keynoting at conferences around the world, Dr Bendell remains a thought leader in CSR and multi-stakeholder collaboration, with 4 books, 5 United Nations reports and over 100 other publications that are recognised by practitioners and academics as influential. Bendell is an Adjunct Professor at Griffith Business School, a Distinguished Visiting Professor at IE Business School, and the Founder of Lifeworth Consulting.

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