GAYNOR O'FLYNN | music, personal well-being

GAYNOR O’FLYNN | music, personal well-being

Gaynor O’Flynn is an independent artist who works in music, film, performance and installation art. Her Buddhist belief in the interconnected nature of all is at the core of her life and practice. She believes that art produced from a place of spontaneity and compassion has the power to open our hearts and minds to our true nature. Gaynor works across media: sound, music, movement, words, paint, film and technology to create unique interactive multi media performances, installations and limited edition work. She started her career on the revolutionary music show The Tube. Over the years she has worked with many famous artists. After a stint directing Lonely Planet, she ended up in the Himalayas, worked for the Dalai Lama and found her heart, mind and voice.

Music is Gaynor’s main driving force, but she does not want to be put in a box. Her business plan is to do what she loves and tusts and Gaynor is no stranger to crossing boundaries. Since starting her own creative business, beinghuman, the self-styled multimedia artist has refused to be pigeon-holed into one genre. Besides running an independent record label, she also helps create art and film projects, organizes events and is a recording artist in her own right.



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