EDMUND COLVILLE | localisation, culture

EDMUND COLVILLE | localisation, culture

Edmund is the founder of West Lexham – a creative social enterprise in rural Norfolk , combining education with community building and an enterprise hub.

His vision is to make West Lexham a living, breathing showcase for exemplary living in the 21st Century. Somewhere that investigates and puts into practice leading philosophies and technologies for the future, uses renewable energy, grows local food, grows the local economy through micro enterprise and jobs, enhances the land and biodiversity, and creates a vital centre for sustainable and creative living. 

Before embarking on the West Lexham project, Edmund was busy making a living running a longstanding landscape design business. He was one of the original team behind the Secret Garden Party, in charge of turning the site into a suitable place for a festival, and desiging the site layout to maximise human interaction and to optimise the way that the temporary community grows each year. 

Edmund has an MSc Dip in Sustainable Architecture: Advanced Energy and Environmental Studies, through which he studied cutting-edge renovation techniques and knowledge of renewable energy at C.A.T. He also helped to establish Clearwater Revival, the UK’s leading natural swimming pool company, and has just set up Bright & Beautiful (, a hand-made print company making fine art prints of the British Flora and Fauna to promote biodiversity and donate a percentage of profits to maintaining wildlife habitats. 


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