DONNIE SC LYGONIS | education, enterprise

DONNIE SC LYGONIS | education, enterprise

Donnie SC Lygonis works as Technology Transfer Manager at KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, helping students, researchers and scientists realize their ideas and research.  He is passionate about everything that has to do with ideas, concepts and new ways of doing things we never thought could be done differently.

Before starting up several companies and projects together with his sister, and doing business and concept development work, as well as teaching, Donnie worked eight years in the army (Royal Engineers).  ‘A creative challenge’, in his own words, confronting questions of leadership, group motivation and organizational creativity, a perfect place to start his education in organizational innovation and motivation.

Donnie  holds seminars and lectures about creativity, entrepreneurship and innovation. This is how he puts it: “It is my firm belief that both innovation and entrepreneurship is made up of ideas, courage and a lot of determination, and that’s why I talk about creativity, motivation and attitude.”

Photograph: Jenhell 


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