CHRISTER SÖDERBERG | enterprise, localisation

CHRISTER SÖDERBERG | enterprise, localisation

Christer Söderberg is the founder of Open World Foundation and Open World Village (AB) Chairman and CEO. Christer is also founder and co-owner of the Open World Café in Stockholm. After returning from Brazil in 2002 Christer started Zero Aeons AB, a Stockholm based Business Leadership and Communications consultancy. In 2006 he introduced Brazilian art, furniture, and design to Sweden and helped develop a business based on a triple bottom line. Founded in the spring of 2007, Open World Foundation builds on the spirit of these two businesses, and with the Open World Café (2008) and Open World Villages (2011) creates meeting places to inspire a transformational dialogue about sustainability and leadership.

Open World Villages (AB) is an initiative of Open World Foundation, founded in 2007. Open World Villages are promoted by Open World Cafés. We currently have six Café partners and five partner Village projects in five countries on four continents.



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