CHRIS BUTTERS | architecture, cities

CHRIS BUTTERS | architecture, cities

Chris is a Norwegian citizen, living near Oslo; born 1950 in South Africa.

He holds a B.A. in Literature (Stellenbosch), Architect DPLG (Montpellier), and Energy Planning (Oslo). Chris has worked with architecture, energy and ecology for over 30 years, both as practicing architect, consultant, researcher, author and lecturer. Chris has been widely published and is the author / co-author of six books.

Design of buildings and consultancies in Norway, Bhutan, Taiwan, Scotland, Denmark, etc. Founder in 1982 of the GAIA architecture group in Norway and later of GAIA International, a pioneering network in the fields of sustainable building, indoor health and “deep green” visions.

Chris worked in Bhutan for 10 years for international organisations and NGOs as project leader and architect for schools and a hospital. He also did Tibetological research there and authored the book, The Treasure Revealer of Bhutan. He has also written on the concept of “Overdevelopment”, comparing Bhutan and Norway, and is the creator of the Sustainability Value Map.

His present positions are: Postgraduate course director, at the University of Oslo, Energy Planning and Sustainable Development; Architect and consultant for GAIA Norway/ GAIA International; and Senior Adviser, sustainable communities, The Ideas Bank Foundation, Oslo.



pdf | “A Holistic Method of Evaluating Sustainability”
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