ANNA-KAJSA LIDELL | food, enterprise

ANNA-KAJSA LIDELL | food, enterprise

Anna-Kajsa Lidell is a social entrepreneur who’s created the Beatburger – a product that has been developed with one firm goal, to reduce the amount of meat we eat and increase the amount of veggies. The Beatburger is made out of 50% meat and 50% beans. It is a tasty way for people to make a good choice for the environment and their own health, while also helping us secure food supplies for a growing population. On a global level.

The “Beat” is a 100 % bean product that can be used in almost any food without changing the taste. It can transform dishes that we love and consume lots of, like burgers, meatballs, meat sauce, chicken nuggets, pancakes, pizza, bread, cookies and shakes, into something much better for the body and the globe. 1000 hamburgers à90 gthat are knocked out by Beatburgers reduce the amount of CO2e emissions  with the same amount as that of a villa in a year. It also increases the amount of veggies we eat with almost 45 g/person.

Anna-Kajsa Lidell is the pragmatic progress strategist, who’s goal with attending the Future Perfect Festival is to get the co-creation that is needed to make sustainable food cool. Her strong belief is that science, music, design and sports must play together to win the big strategic game of progress. Beat Food for Progress was one of the winners in the innovation competition Smart Lunch at the Tipping Point exhibition at Kulturhuset.


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