ANNA-CARIN MÅNSSON | finance, enterprise

ANNA-CARIN MÅNSSON | finance, enterprise

Anna-Carin Månsson is partner of Greenhouse Hornstull, which is a temporary (2 years) greentech exhibition building on a roof terrace in Hornstull, where different innovations are built in. It consists of a restaurant, bar, urban gardening and conference facilities. The aim of the Greenhouse is to show innovative urban green technology solutions and be the engine to the market, which consists of financing, coaching and business development.

Anna-Carin is also founder and partner of Theia, a businessangel fund managing close to € 1,3 million with the objective to invest in growth companies, independent of sector, within the region of Stockholm and Mälardalen.

Anna-Carin has experience from private investment and business development. She founded and ran the call center company Exit Marketing AB and has CEO-experience in e-trade from structure and sales of companies. Anna-Carin is a member of several company boards such as Nyréns arkitektkontor, Preera AB and Pie-p, a national innovation programme, based at KTH. Anna-Carin has an MBA in International Economy from Linköping University.


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