The World is Andrea Hvistendahl’s field of work and work material. As a visual artist she has the usual academic art background + international years (born1971).  Through objects, installations, images and workshops she examines aspects of our major contemporary issues; globalization, environment and social injustice, in projectslike; HUMAN WORK (workshops involving 3 humanitarian org. & 13 artist)  NO WASTE COOKING (a food-climtate action) & MAPPING THE GAME presently at Forum för Levande Historia. Together with Paula von Seth, Hvistendahl has founded the “Oracel Actions” project. She also collaborates with Folke BernadotteAkademin and Naturvårdsverket, and is part of  the artisrun gallery Studio44. Andrea Hvistendahl navigates between critically questioning and carefully unveiling themes like the athropocene, and human value systems. Her work is rooted in highlighting the complexitys of our time and the future in its layers.


Bring out the Oracle in You and take part in creating images of future scenarios. With visual artists Andrea Hvistendahl and Paula von Seth.

Transform images of environments into your best and worst case scenarios 50 years ahead. How can the relationships to nature and one another be developed? Add thoughts and instructions for the future. The workshop production will result in a series of “Oracle” images.

Bringing out your darkest fears for the future can be used as a tool to understanding and avoiding it. Visualizing the best case scenarios can turn dreams into plans more possible to act upon.

”Oracle investigations” offers a visual space to host the multitude of ideas and eco-knowledge that you may have.

The workshop aims to discuss and investigate our links to the future in an experimental way, and is part of the ongoing art project “Oracle Actions”. The productions of these polarized future scenarios will be collected in a digital image bank.

What to bring:                          Your hopes, ideas and fears

Also welcome:                           Your own digital images on an iPhone

von Seth and Hvistendahl are interdisciplinary visual artists. They hold master-degrees in Fine Arts and  post-master degrees in urban ecology from Recourses 10 & 11 at Royal Institute of Art, Stockholm. They are experienced workshop leaders at institutions such as Moderna Museet, Beckmans College of Design & Folke Bernadotte Akademien.