ALEXANDER CLEMENSON | enterprise, civilisation

ALEXANDER CLEMENSON | enterprise, civilisation

Alexander is general manager at the non-profit organization Medveten Konsumtion (Conscious Consumption) and is convinced that one can get by just fine in life even if consuming a little less and something more considered.

The association works for a better understanding of the impact consumption has on the environment and those working in the industry. The website (Swedish) offers advice (Råd och Tips) on how to think about your daily consumption to make a difference and a comparative guide to the labels you find in the store (Märkningar). In order to actually change your consumption, in practice, there is also an online Eco-Guide fully driven by volunteer eco-reviewers. All with focus on helping consumers to consume more conscious.

Alexander is originally from Småland, holds a degree in Business Administration from Gothemburg University and speaks fluent German after several years living in Munich. Since 2010 he lives in Stockholm.


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