AGNES FRIES | design, international development

AGNES FRIES | design, international development

Agnes Fries is a product designer born in Sweden and educated in Denmark.

She is fascinated by designing specifically for serial production and specialising in making functional objects that are both classical and conceptual. It is primarly ceramics but it can also be furniture and interiors – as long as she gets to play with balancing logic and sense with intuition and sensibility.

Her work is sometimes exhibited in galleries and sometimes sold in stores. By exploring the industry of applied arts she can pursue her interest for combining production, collaboration and society with aesthetics and tactility. She finds her inspiration in history, popular culture, art, literature and people.

Besides working with clay, she has a big interest in creative working methods and try to make time for teaching and running the company Co Creative.

Together with taiwanese knowledge worker Max Wang, Agnes Fries is now launching Ting Dynasty – a journey, a company and a movement. By using materialism as language their aim is to raise awareness of production in Asia and to make change through making.


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