FuturePerfect offers an integration of four programs, across multiple themes of sustainable living.

Below are listed program highlights, program activities, and themes.

View the current schedule  (subject to change),  and download the latest program listing in the online folder

Professionals are invited to register for the Exploration+ Program, see below.

EXPLORATION | pick and choose what suits you

FORUMS High-powered presentations and exchanges with global thought and practice leaders in different areas of sustainability

SEMINARS Facilitated, participatory learning and sharing experiences, led by specialists from around the world

WORKSHOPS Practical skills-learning including, eco-housebuilding, campaign production, film-making and more

CO-CREATION | come and make it happen

FACILITATION All content facilitated with the aim to make it as accessible and participatory as possible
CENTRAL Dynamic interaction space for participants to connect, collaborate, present,
SMALL GROUPS Reflect.Act.Transform. in small groups throughout the Festival.

LIVINGWELL | feel good, live well

LIFEWORK Meditation, coaching, group discussions, and other exercises, run by professionals
BODYWORK Physical wellbeing and exercises such as yoga, running and other health techniques
RELATING Communication and relating techniques, for personal and professional interaction
FOOD Organic (or local, with limited exceptions), cooked by a professional chef, and with special menus as required, and lots information for the curious

MUSIC & ARTS | tune in, lift off

BANDS Great bands from all sorts of genres including pop, rock, folk, classical more, from Sweden, Europe and the world, and of course amazing DJs
FILM, ART, PERFORMANCE An artistic lens on the transformation of modern living towards sustainability

EXPLORATION+ program for professionals


Private and public executives, experts, researchers and students wanting to engage around sustainability at a higher level are invited to join the EXPLORATION+ Program. This brings the quality speakers of the public EXPLORATION Program into a more focussed setting, together with quality partners, to achieve change-focussed exchange.


  • intensify network development and mutual learning among sustainable living experts
  • improve critical dialogue between the expert community and large-scale institutions and organisations, in private exchanges
  • expand access to leaders, and encourage ambition, by young professionals and other executives new to the area
  • innnovate in discussion formats, by including creativity, diversity of participation, open critique and facilitation


If you want to present your work, whether professional, policy, social, or research, you are welcome to apply for participation as a LEADER – you will be able to showcase your work, with a smaller number of other leaders, and shape discussion around that. 

If you want to participate in advanced discussions, have professional, policy, social or research questions you want to investigate, come to EXPLORATION+ as an EXPLORER.

Here you can find the full details on the EXPLORATION+ concept in English and Swedish.


Participation in the Exploration+ program is by invitation/registration only, but is not charged at an extra price to enable maximum involvement.  To join the EXPLORATION+ Program please complete the online registration.


Green Economy 
Rebecka Carlsson, Språkrör Grön Ungdom

Social Enterprise
Maja Brisvall, Consultant, Project manager Shift (Host)
John Thackara, Doors of Perception
Peter Nou, Vinnova

New Money Systems
Jem Bendell, WEF Young Global Leader )host=
Josh Ryan Collins, New Economics Foundation
Matthew Slater, Board Member Community Forge
Ben Dyson, Positive Money


Local Food
Trine Hahnemann, Director of Hahnemanns Køkken (Host)
Fredrik Kämpenberg, Head Chef Virginska Gymnasiet, Culinary Olympics Team 2012

Food Enterprise 
Anna Jamieson, National coordinator, WWF Naturbeteskött (Host)
Lisa Lönner Pulkkinen, Husmor Lisa


Johanna Lakso, Project Leader PowerShift Sweden (Host)
Simon Flato, Founder of Sustainergies

Sustainability Communication
Niclas Ihrén, Respect sustainable business (Host)
Owen Gaffney, International Geosphere Biosphere Program
Anna Emmelin, Environmental Communications Albaeco
Hanna Hallin, CEO Sektor 3 


Architecture and Sustainability
Erik Jarlöv, Chair, Stockholm Arkitektförening/Sveriges Arkitekter, Architect at Urban Design AB (Host)
Nordic Architecture Associations

Architecture and Urban Design
Erik Jarlöv, Stockholm Arkitektförening
Chris Butters, Gaia Architects
Andreas Klok Pedersen, BIG (Bjarke Ingels Group) 


Creative Education
Peter Sims, Teacher at Kaospilot DK (Host) 

Find the EXPLORATION+ leaders here