Do you work in sustainability and want to connect to the Swedish, Scandinavian and international community in your own and related areas – for learning, connecting, collaborating?  If so, welcome to EXPLORATION+!

EXPLORATION+ brings the quality speakers of the public EXPLORATION Program into a more focussed setting, together with additional experts and motivators, to achieve change-focussed exchange. 

EXPLORATION+ will enable contributors and participants to

  • intensify network development and mutual learning among sustainable living experts
  • improve critical dialogue between the expert community and large-scale institutions and organisations, in private exchanges
  • expand access to leaders, and encourage ambition, by young professionals and other executives new to the area
  • innnovate in discussion formats, by including creativity, diversity of participation, open critique and facilitation

Download the concept and current program of activities for EXPLORATION+ here.


To join the EXPLORATION+ Program please complete the registration below, choosing one or other of the following roles:

EXPLORER – If you want to participate in advanced discussions, and have professional, policy, social or research questions you want to investigate, come to EXPLORATION+ as an EXPLORER. See below for organisations already sending participants as Explorers. 

LEADER – If you want to present your work, whether professional, policy, social, or research, you are welcome to apply for participation as a LEADER.  You will be able to showcase your work, with a smaller number of other leaders, and shape discussion around that. Meet the already registered Leaders here.


Organisations already participating in EXPLORATION+ include Vaxholm Stad, The Hub, Stockholms Arkitektförening/Sveriges Arkitekter, IKEA Sweden, Kaospilots, Omställning Sverige, and more.


This is a valuable experience for you if you are a leading organisation in sustainability, or expert, student or other engaged person. Participation in the EXPLORATION+ Program is by invitation/registration only.

However, EXPLORATION+ is not charged at an extra price to enable maximum involvement, and once your registration is accepted, you need only buy a suitable  ticket online, in order to participate. FuturePerfect Ekonomisk Förening is supporting, and our partners, are supporting additional costs of EXPLORATION+.