Are you working  towards sustainable living in a credible, inspiring way?

If you are a business, city, regional or educational authority; charity, artist, music, private individual; student; or something else, working towards sustainable living in a credible, inspiring way you’ve got something we want. 

This is the place to showcase your work and inspiration – and explore and connect to what is going on.

Find partner options below. To offer financial support, please take a look at


If you’re an expert, professional, student, enthusiast you’re invited to apply for the Exploration+ Program, which is designed to facilitate a special, high-level engagement around sustainability just for you.

Feel free to check out Exploration+ in detail. Register interest as a Leader or Explorer of the program here.


Your FuturePerfect needs you. Volunteer for 4 or 2 days with us and come and make it happen!
Read the volunteer brief, and find out how you can contribute. Register here, or ping us at


If you’re an organisation or company wondering if you can partner with FuturePerfect Festival, we are looking for the  types of partners listed below. Contact us at To offer financial support, please look at

If you have an activity that you want to launch or develop in the Festival, that relates to sustainable living – book, product or project launch, team retreat, school project, university program course kick-off, anything that uses the FuturePerfect platform well – let’s work on imagining and building it. The Marketplace onsite is where you will be – in the middle of the action.

Or if you want to present some or work, or information about it, you can rent space in the Marketplace to show it off.

Find the marketplace concept in this folder and if you’re interested, contact

For those expert in facilitation, group process work, or similar, consider helping us take the Co-Creation concept to its full potential. Contact

If you are skilled in marketing, communications, fundraising, PR, whether online or in print/broadcast/viral, there’s a lot you can do to help bring the Ö Festival message to the largest audience. Contact

Ö Festival and FuturePerfect is not seeking conventional corporate sponsorship – instead we are looking for long-term partners and collaborators. We are particularly seeking Support Sponsors, to support specific costs of the event. Look at or contact for details.

If you want to help raise awareness of the event and its concept, and in return for awareness of your own work to be raised by the Festival and its network, contact us at

Input to physical onsite production, from wrangling electrics, catering, staging, accommodation, to sound and light systems. Contact

All ideas welcome! Contact Thanks!

With one of these kinds of partnership, we consider that you can benefit in the following ways



Gain positive exposure for your work through our PR and network channels.

Specifically, in online (social and viral media, web site, newsletters), and print (eye-catching poster campaigns in the major cities and institutions of Scandinavia and Northern Europe), we will communicate to large, diverse and interested audience that you are building a sustainable world.


A New Audience

Attract a significant new audience for your products and services, both at the Festival itself, and through the media exposure.

Specifically, FuturePerfect is targeted at the fast-growing general public who is aware of the sustainability issue, and wishes to expand their engagement with it; and with the emerging professional communities across all disciplines who are building their enterprises within the domain of new sustainable living. This rapidly-expanding audience is a tremendous base for your work in this area.



Gain informed, world-class input to your innovation process, train yourself and/or your people, get inspired and connected.

Specifically, come as individuals or groups, and get special access to the leading-edge program content, including facilitated activities, workshops, and project development.


Corporate Citizenship

Yes, you too can make the FuturePerfect – it’s an adventure in living well.

In terms of overall reputational performance, brand image and positive profiling, doing the right thing is increasingly a good thing to do.