FuturePerfect Thanks You!

FuturePerfect Thanks You!

It’s almost a week since the last night of Ö Festival, when filled with inspiration and new challenges, we celebrated the peak of this years FuturePerfect Festival under a starlit night, surrounded by the lush forest, calm sea and DJ beats. When on Sunday, we said goodbye in the light drizzle and departed Vaxholm with minds challenged and inspired by new friends, ideas, and methods; bodies rejuvenated through late night dancing, yoga, and incredible organic meals by world-class chefs, it was with a promise of new possibilities.

First, the obvious and most important part: THANK YOU!

Your participation and embrace of the second FuturePerfect festival made it more than we could have ever expected.

Your willingness to try a new format, share your content, and engage with the program and fellow participants is at the core of why we decided to throw ourselves into this thing, and how we managed to pull it off. After all, the concept was built for people like you, to celebrate, challenge, and connect what you do. 

We want to hear more from you, and invite you to contribute with your expertise, knowledge and network to build FuturePerfect into the future. To get in touch with us email and please fill out the feedback form of the event as thoroughly as you can. It may take more than a few minutes, the reward being a stronger platform for ideas for real sustainability thanks to your in-put.

The Festival experience was significantly improved by the contributions of our food sponsors Polarbröd, Arla Foods, Löfbergs Lila, Saltå Kvarn, Il Fornaio and also thanks to Alt Grönt, Sigva Vinimportör, BEAT Food for Progress, Ekorrens ekologiska godis, FrontRaw and Waxholms Kafferosteri.

The comfort and visual of the site was created by Rederiet, and a huge, special thanks to IKEA for contributing with home furnishing to all the venues, and to Tip Top Express for the light projection shows.

To remember through images check out the facebook album, flickr album and video projections. You can also see interviews with speakers and participants on Bambuser and Supermiljöbloggen.

We had great support through the collaboration with Vaxholm Stad and Waxholm Strand & Camping who welcomed FuturePerfect to Eriksö and Vaxholm.

The festival was made possible by all the passionate volunteers that deserve immense gratitude. We also thank the private donors and supporters, you know who you are – the list of which may be published in the near future – for believing and knowing that this could be done!

What we do know – the people and organisations who have made FuturePerfect and Ö Festival a reality – is that, while we don’t have all the answers, we feel like we have some good questions. That’s why FuturePerfect is all about conversations – questions need discussion! – and why you’re such an important part of it.

Thanks, see you soon, and let’s make the FuturePerfect. 




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