FuturePerfect is a discussion, inspiration and engagement project around sustainable lifestyles created by John Manoochehri and Resource Vision sustainable design studio.

FuturePerfect Festival is a global co-creation led by FuturePerfect Ekonomisk Förening (SE), The Value Web (CA), Doors of Perception (FR), West Lexham Education Centre (UK), Clear Village (DK & UK), The Hub Stockholm (SE), and advice from Demos Helsinki (FI).


Gabriella Silfwerbrand
Sara Nilsson
Jonathan Sundqvist
Michael Vanderosen

Thanks to

Barbara Jackson
Malin Sjögren
Johline Lindholm
Caroline Strindmar Norström
Annelie Brand


John Manoochehri
Tegan Bukowski
Aaron Williamson
Yenika Castillo
Sanna Leino
Roanne van Leyden
Gabriella Silfwerbrand
Josefin Agelii
Karin Mo
Malin Andrén 



Stephen Hinton
Blaine O’Neill
John Thackara
Edmund Colville
Shawn Westcott
Rebecka Carlsson
Victoria Olausson
Jem Bendell
Nina Jensen
Eva Stål
Petter Falk
Simon Flato
David Fredlund
Thomas Ermacora

Adam Nordin 


Matthew Shen Goodman
Christer Söderberg
Niclas Ihrén
Jesper Pagh
Thomas Bjelkeman
Chris Butters
Pete Sims
Stefan Geens
Elin Nyström


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FuturePerfect is a not-for-profit collaboration to bring massive new interest to the issues of sustainable living, by

  • presenting the content of sustainability in a more positive, practical, entrepreneurial way
  • engaging with new audiences in new ways, including innovative facilitation
  • integrating creativity and culture into the debate

It is led by a network of professionals, students and citizens based in Stockholm, Sweden, working mainly within Europe. It was founded in 2010 by John Manoochehri, architect and sustainability designer. For more information, and description of what has been done so far click here.

All attendees at the Festival receive a free membership of the FuturePerfect network, which includes access direct access to the participating individuals and organisations, access to special events, and discounts on future activities including the yearly Festival.

To get involved or ask more, ping us at


  • It is a discussion and engagement project for professionals and the public that presents the potential of sustainable living in new, positive way.
  • It turns a minus into a plus, makes global issues personal, and sees creativity as a way of life.
  • It turns sustainability from a crisis into an exploration. It dispels fear and despondency, and creates excitement and participation.
  • It asks the right questions about finance and economics and helps business and enterprise to find their rightful, positive role.
  • It’s the next stage of the conversation on living well without compromise, supported by intelligence in architecture, urbanism, design, nature, culture, communications and technology.


FuturePerfect currently has three components

FUTUREPERFECT CITIES | a discussion series with global leaders of the new urban sustainability – provocative, content-filled, motivating

FUTUREPERFECT FESTIVAL | a summer celebration of the ideas, practices and feelings of truly sustainable, quality living – days & nights of music, passion, learning, play, connection

FUTUREPERFECT LOCAL | an international map of spontaneous events which bring people together around the ideas of new sustainable living – social, fun, inspiring